Neither Romantic nor Inevitable                              Mental health and wellbeing supplements

This project is based on principles of community ownership in health and wellbeing and takes the form of mail art and audience participation.

The inspiration for the project derives from the health supplements I take every day. With these supplements, I invest in my physical health and wellbeing, although I may often neglect my mental health. The title is inspired by an article written by Alistair Gentry on a-n website, which aimed at generating a more open dialogue around mental illness and wellbeing in the arts

1  What this product is for:

Neither Romantic nor Inevitable is a mental health supplement for artists and creatives, used to prevent and relieve mild symptoms of:


-           Low mood

-           Stress

-           Creative block

-           Negative emotions

-           Anxiety

-           Feeling tired

-           Self-doubt

-           Low self-esteem

Warnings and precautions: This product is not intended to treat severe mental health issues. Please seek medical and specialist advice if you experience any severe symptom.

The use of this product should be carried out taking into consideration your health and safety.



Vegetarian capsule (HPMC), 80gsm paper, pink colour ink. Batch: #0001

This product is not edible and not for internal use.

2  How to take:

1.        Open the seal bag and take out the capsule. Due to the fragile material of the capsule please handle only with dry hands. Moisture will cause the capsule to dissolve.

2.        Open the capsule by holding the bottom with one hand and gently pull the top off with the other. It may help to twist the capsule top back and forth.

3.        Take out the rolled paper and put the capsule parts aside on a dry surface.

4.        Unroll the paper and read the text. Act accordingly or reflect on the content. Do not consume any parts of this capsule.

5.        Roll the paper and place in the bottom part of the capsule (the longer part). Close the capsule by putting the top part over the bottom and pressing down gently.

6.        Place the capsule in the seal bag and close.

3  Possible side effects:


-           Irritation.

-           Feeling annoyed.

-           Fear of changing habits.

-           Fear of the unknown.

-           Triggering of negative emotions.


It is common to experience mild occurrences of the above. If side effects persist, stop taking this product and return it back to the manufacturer

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